Adventures in Pork Extravaganza Begins Sunday

IMG_4200Our first pork trek is on two main fronts: curing and sausage making. Last night Salumi’s two hindquarters emerged from the freezer on their way to gradual thaw in the coolest, darkest part of the refrigerator, because this Sunday, my friend “Mr. Karl” (as my three-year-old calls him) and I will be meeting at the cure-house to make:

The Quartermaster’s Salumi Cure
Two whole Prosciutto hams (salt, air cured)
Two whole sides of bacon/pancetta (salt cured, two flavors)
Twenty pounds hog jowls/guinciale (salt cured, two flavors)
Ten pounds saucisson sec (air cured)
Ten pounds of salami (air cured, two flavors)

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.04.07 PM

Mr. Karl kept texting me about where to get his “ingredient” for the blutwurst


One of them is/was Salumi

Mr. Karl’s Pork Paradise
Five pounds Bratwurst
Five pounds fresh Blutwurst
Five pounds pork sausage with
fennel, garlic and parsley

The meat for the Salumi Cure is from…..Salumi!
Remember him/her? Mr. Karl procured some quality shoulders for his fresh sausage and an additional case of hog jowls for the guinciale (since Salumi only had the two).

Thinking through the logistics on this project, we may wait two weeks to make the saucisson sec and salami. The other cured items begin with a time under refrigeration. This is when the meat spends time in direct contact with the salt cure. After an initial period of curing, the excess salt is removed and the items are hung in a curing chamber where the temperature is set to 55-60F. The sausages are hung immediately because the cure is already mixed into the meat itself.

What am I looking for in the Salumi Cure? Dark, dense porcine goodness. The aroma of hoof and snout and hairy pig ear wafting off each delicately shaved slice. White, butter smooth pearls of fat against pink-red to ink claret stained-glass flesh. In other words, the Quartermaster wishes to take on provisions worthy of dispensation!

[NOTE: Salumi says, “Vote Quartermaster for Beer Camp!”]


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