On this Feast Day of the Assumption…

of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, we find in the preface to the Eucharistic Prayer:

For today the Virgin Mother of God
was assumed into heaven
as the beginning and image
of your Church’s coming to perfection
and a sign of sure hope and comfort to your
pilgrim people;
rightly you would not allow her
to see the corruption of the tomb
since from her own body she marvelously
brought forth
your incarnate Son, the Author of all life.

And, in the solemn blessing which precedes dismissal:

May you know always and everywhere the
protection of her,
through whom you have been found worthy
to receive the author of life.
– Amen.

The Blessed Mother is holy because Jesus is holy. She loves because Jesus loves. We adore her because she points to her Son, and because we know that a mother knows the way to her son’s heart. We can place our trust in her, because God placed His trust in her. She is the greatest example of human faithfulness that we have.

She is our mother, too. Ask her to bring you to her Son. Follow the footpath of fragrant roses.

Dr. Marshall at Canterbury Tales recently blogged about whether the Church infallibly teaches that the Blessed Mother actually died before she was assumed body and soul into heaven. Check it out, if you’re interested (spoiler: the Church doesn’t infallibly teach that, but tradition seems to indicate that she in fact died first).

<Nag> Today is a holy day of obligation. We can be a source of encouragement to one another and express our Catholic identity by observing these important holy days of the year — there aren’t many days outside Sundays that we are called to attend mass. We call it an obligation, but that is a very base way to think about it. Mass is a joy. Attending mass makes it possible to be Catholic. A Catholic who doesn’t want to attend mass, doesn’t want to be Catholic. Being Catholic and regular mass attendance on Sundays and holy days of obligation are inseparable. Go, encounter the Risen Lord! </Nag>

Also, perhaps you will consider praying in a special way for the Christians (and all people) in Egypt. Christian churches are being destroyed, Christians are being martyred and many others have been killed. Our Lady knows peace, and we can ask her for protection and comfort in these places where violence erupts.


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