Random Thought about English Parliamentary Symbols of Temporal Power

Unlike the U.S. Capitol building, the Palace of Westminster, which houses the Parliament of the United Kingdom, is positively covered in Christian symbols and imagery. The picture below shows Members of Parliament, led by Prime Minister Cameron, walking through the Central Lobby, which has been described as “the political centre of the British Empire”. A person standing under the great chandelier in the Central Lobby may see both the Royal Throne in the House of Lords and the Speaker’s Chair (provided all doors are open) all the away across in the House of Commons. The term “lobbying” has its genesis in constituents gathering here to meet their MP without an appointment.7166564412_228740b92d_o Above the four doorways leading into the Central Lobby are ancient mosaics, each representing the four patrons of the United Kingdom: St. George for England, St. Andrew for Scotland, St. David for Wales and St. Patrick for Ireland. St. George, for example, is venerated as a martyr for the faith.

Random thought: what becomes of a society and government with halls such as these, when it is now totally secular? How does it manage to ignore the visage of its patron Saints of Christendom and heroes of constitutional democracy, often one and the same? How does it now draw from these symbols to gather the same strength and determination of times past when moral imperatives were so very clear — to weather the storms of National Socialism and fight against the axis of fascism — to resist the Iron Curtain and assist in clearing away the bindings of communism? What becomes of symbols that once represented the exodus from the barbarism of paganism into the holy light of Mother Church, but are now being reshaped to suggest a New Age of Humanity?

What becomes of a society and government that must deny and ignore the very voices crying from its own walls of power, stating without equivocation that the source of the rights of man come not from man, or government? What becomes of a society and government that believes in its own legitimacy to rewrite the laws of Almighty God? What would these same heroes and saints say about what has been done and will be done in their name?

I suppose there is precedent, yet it brings sorrow to think about.


One thought on “Random Thought about English Parliamentary Symbols of Temporal Power

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