Husband shops on-line for backpacks…

…while his wife uses the computer to find out about pressure cookers. Result: a visit from the police to see if they’re terrorists. Law enforcement identified themselves as the “joint terrorism task force”. From the article: “One hundred times a week, groups of six armed men drive to houses in three black SUVs, conducting consented-if-casual searches of the property perhaps in part because of things people looked up online. But the NSA doesn’t collect data on Americans, so this certainly won’t happen to you.”

Be aware: you are now a suspect if you’re even curious — if you’re thinking — about something criminal and look it up on-line. You’re a potential terrorist if two innocuous searches strung together might create a scintilla of suspicion for law enforcement, even if every likely and plausible explanation points against you being an actual suspect. “Probable cause” for conducting a warrantless search is as simple as two unrelated google searches. How long before law enforcement knocks at your door (or knocks your door down) because you watch a lot of crime drama and shows like “Breaking Bad” or “Dexter”, or because of what’s in your Netflix queue?

We’re beginning to see what a police state looks like, and it even involves what you’re thinking: this April, the Obama administration hired a senior policy advisor at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, who prepared a document for the administration which “describes possible methods of influencing Americans’ behavior.” [To be fair, the document is not about law enforcement per se; it’s about things like “encouraging” people to pay their taxes or buy the right light bulb. “Encouraging” appears to be euphemism for coercing by threat of fine or other penalty].

We are being conditioned to accept that it’s perfectly normal for police to come knocking (or knocking down), and when that happens, we should forgo our right to remain silent, our right to have an attorney present, our right not to be unreasonably detained, our right not to have law enforcement enter our homes without a warrant, if we want to avoid further trouble.

This is NOT a Republican vs. Democrat, political ideology issue. This is about the fact that we have a Ruling Class looking to expand the militarization of police in order to keep ordinary folks like you and me in line. The Constitution? What’s that?

UPDATE: Netflix is unveiling “user profiles”. I might be prescient.


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