When a Six-Year-Old has More Common Sense

UB Model

Pro-abortion folks don’t deal with truth (or common sense) very well. Apparently a pro-abort mother who visited the North Dakota State Fair became upset and claimed that her “parental rights” were violated because a local Right to Life group gave rubber models of an unborn baby at 10-12 weeks out to fairgoers, including one of her children, because the models were “creepy and inappropriate” and she shouldn’t have been forced to talk about abortion at a “family event”.

She completely missed the fact that the models actually “…have nothing to do with abortion. You don’t have to bring abortion up at all,” stated Devyn Nelson, Executive Director of North Dakota Right to Life.

The mother who complained was quoted as saying that she’s “in the middle” when it comes to abortion, which speaks volumes about the level of keen insight applied to her stand on the issue. She clearly is not pro-life. But the disastrous proof of the idiocy of her argument was given by her own daughter: “My six-year-old took one look at the thing in her candy bag and said, ‘That’s a baby!'”

That’s right. It’s not a thing; it’s a model of a tiny unborn baby. At 10-12 weeks, a baby in the womb already looks unmistakably human, because it is.

Newsflash: Narcissistic Pro-Abort Adults often know less truth about the “birds and the bees” than their 6-year-old children. Or at least, they haven’t deluded themselves so much that they can still recognize babies.

Read the whole thing here. Please be especially careful reading the comments. I stopped after the first comment, describing what happened after someone in the commenter’s office tried to give him “one of these stupid things”: “I dropped it on the floor, stomped it with my foot and said “If only it were that [redacted]ing easy!!!!” At the time, this comment was “recommended” by 52 other readers.


One thought on “When a Six-Year-Old has More Common Sense

  1. my 6 y.o. recently commented on how my big belly (i’m 30 weeks pregnant) was “disgusting”. i sat her down and told her that many women would be too selfish to have children because they wouldn’t want a big, disgusting belly and that if i thought like that, she wouldn’t exist. i told her that once my belly looked “disgusting” in order to bring her into the world and now it’s her baby brother’s turn. needless to say she thought a lot about that. she finally concluded, “but, Mom, if you get married, then you might get pregnant, and once you get pregnant, you can’t get UN-pregnant”. so in her mind, my bringing her and her siblings into the world wasn’t all that heroic, it was merely a matter of course in the path i had chosen for my life once i got married. another example of 6 y.o. logic and common sense. obviously i didn’t explain to her that, unfortunately, it’s not all that clear cut in life. she’ll find out all that soon enough …

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