What I Learned Today, #2

1. There’s very little a parent can actually do to force kids to go to sleep during a sleepover. It’s a very weak position. I wish I had known this as a kid.

2. I can multitask, meaning some things I can do simultaneously. For example, I can cook bucatini all’Amatriciana while feeding the baby mashed bananas and talking on the phone with my office. Before you get too impressed, see #4 below.

3. Have you seen those “natural” fly traps — a clear plastic bag with an opening at the top that flies use to enter the bag but can’t get back out? You fill the bag with water and hang it from a tree. The “non-toxic” stuff in the bag which “produces an aroma attractive to flies” basically smells like and/or is dog poop and rotten vegetables.

4. Multitasking vastly reduces the overall quality of performance (see, e.g., this post)(the bucatini was perfect though).

5. Notwithstanding #4 above, I would very much like to include napping in my multitask skillset.

6. You know how sometimes a baby will, uhhhh — go — so much that it creeps up the back and soils her outfit? Yeah, it does that front ways sometimes too. I should study the conditions that determine which way “it” decides to go.

7. I need to devise my own version of a doomsday clock that measures the time from Armageddon based upon the supply of homebrew on hand.

8. In order to avert the premature ending of the world, I should probably brew again soon.

9. And I bet I could make my own “natural” fly traps using “things around the house”.

10. Which is probably why there are flies.


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