In the Waiting Room

One of my sons is allergic to everything. Ever had one of those allergy tests? They poke your back about 4 dozen times (on two different days!). Each poke gets a tiny dose of a specific allergen. After a specified time period, someone comes in to “read” the test. The more inflamed, red, or angry the place where they poke you, the more allergic you are to whatever was introduced to your system. I think for each of two tests, maybe only six of the pokes had no reaction.

So now he goes to get allergy shots. They start you on a very low dose, but for him it was three shots twice a week. You gradually move up to higher doses. Finally, the dose you get is large enough that you can get your shots just once a week, and then once every other week.

Remember dreading the doctor because (gasp) you might need a shot? The horror! I’m still afraid of getting shots. My son has probably already gotten more shots this year than I’ve had my whole life!

Recently Fr. had to get some vaccinations because he’s leading a pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Rio. He came over for dinner the evening after he got them. Aware that our son gets allergy shots all the time, he said something to the effect he was nervous when he got them, and someone who gets so many shots must be brave.

When a hero calls a little kid “brave” (imagine the proudest, snaggle-toothed, ear-to-ear grin on a little boy’s face!), well, all the more reason to thank God for heroes.


4 thoughts on “In the Waiting Room

  1. I had a five-year treatment of allergy shots. I think they were once a week. I got to know which nurses were the more skilled at giving painless shots. The treatment helped a lot.

  2. Let your little guy know that Charles was afraid to get the same shots as Father did. I agree, your little trooper is quite a trooper when it comes to sharp objects aimed at his arm!

  3. I think I know, who this brave boy is. I’m so proud that he is such a fighter! Just didn’t know, that he is still going through this:( My best wishes to him!!!

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