My Conversion Story (cont.) — Part 7

My journey with Christ really began when my wife and I stopped contracepting. We were both still in school. Bottom line: not a “good time” for a baby. My wife welcomed me home from the second day of the Illinois bar exam with a book, “The Expectant Father”. I knew then that God knew what He was doing with me. I did say a lot of prayers asking God to let me pass the bar, though.


3 thoughts on “My Conversion Story (cont.) — Part 7

  1. “Some of the sins I committed were mortal.” Who am I to say not? Maybe. But sin, if I may raise the point, is conditioned both by matter and by form. Matter is like the facts of a legal case. Form is like the mens rea aspect. The latter, especially among teens, may be hard to establish. So a claim that so-and-so (you) committed a mortal sin is not immediately credible. That said, your pastoral conclusion that you should benefit from sacramental confession before reception of the Eucharist is indubitably correct.

    I voted for you after Z recommended.

    PS I commented at this “part” because it reveals you have a legalistic mind. (smirk)

    • What’s wrong with a legalistic mind (I’m a lawyer, after all)[smirk in response]? The point is taken, but in my personal case, both the mens rea and actus reus elements were present.

      Thank you for the vote. You can vote every day until September 30!

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