What’s the Deal with the Weird Name?

Quartermaster of the Barque.
The “Barque of St. Peter” is a term for fancy Catholics who like to refer to the Church in weird ways. St. Peter, of course, was the first pope. Symbolically, each Holy Father after St. Peter continues to steer — or captain — the ship. He sets the course, in collaboration with the apostles — the bishops — who serve as officers.

On naval ships, the quartermaster was important, but in a different way. He wasn’t usually an officer. He served below deck. He was in charge of monitoring the ship’s stores and meting out the rations for the crew.

Aboard the Barque of St. Peter, the quartermaster might be a faithful lay Catholic who wishes to dispense the joy found in the Church. That’s me. I have some things to say, but my principal mission is to be an orthodox Catholic husband and father, and to share the profound joy in living for Christ.


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