Regarding my Prior Prayer Intention…..

Posted here, and updated here: mom asks readers of this blog to please continue your prayers.

After some “good news” test results ruling out the most common potential things that may be going on with our little godson, yesterday mom and dad received a piece of dreaded “bad news”; the results from one of the genetic tests shows a chromosomal abnormality — a deletion of some genes on the first chromosome — that may lead to some health issues, physical problems, and possibly mental impairment.

They are being referred to a geneticist and some other specialists for more work-up and to try to figure out some kind of prognosis.

So, I think everyone still very much needs your prayers, especially for relief from anxiety and worry about the future. Right now he’s just a little baby, doing regular baby stuff (praise God!). Perhaps one thing to pray for is a simple miracle that as he grows, his development isn’t tremendously affected by the genetic issue. And also please pray that as they (prudently, because they do need to learn as much as they can) try to investigate what may await them in the future, God provides comfort and assurance, peace and joy. Because one thing that is certain is that this little guy is a blessing.

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Further Hippocratic Oath-Breaking, this time by American Academy of Pediatricians…..

Last week I posted an article concerning one appraisal from the medical community regarding what constitutes “responsibility” on the part of a “man” in a casual sexual relationship.

The latest iteration is this article, which discusses the latest recommendations issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics concerning sexually-active teenaged girls.

In a nutshell, the Academy recommends that girls who are sexually active should receive a hormonal implant, or IUD. One of the great problems with “The Pill” is that a girl or woman must take it every day at the same time. Otherwise, it doesn’t do a very good job at preventing pregnancy.

An implant is effective from the time of implantation for up to ten years or until removed. The lead author of the updated recommendation is quoted as saying that “All methods of hormonal birth control are safer than pregnancy.” The words “safe” and “safer” are used euphemistically here. Pre-marital sex is not safe. Hormonal birth control is not safe.

Sure, not being pregnant is safer than being pregnant. Fewer women experience complications from taking hormonal birth control than from the natural process involving the development and safe delivery of a healthy newborn person. That’s like saying that keeping your Ferrari in the garage is safer than driving it. But pre-marital sexual activity for a teenager is driving underage without a license, which no department of motor vehicles would ever condone. Safer does not mean that an implant delivering chemicals so as to artificially regulate one’s reproductive cycle is actually safe. 

Potentially, and ideally, pregnancy is one effect of sexual activity for which there is consequence to both woman and man in the sexual relationship. The natural law makes severe demands on both parties. Even the civil law (as it presently stands) exacts a duty to one’s offspring to provide some minimal support.

Meanwhile, in the case of the use of a hormonal implant or IUD, any of the other effects from sexual activity experienced by a woman (or girl) do not bind the man in any way. Her other injuries are not his concern.

This recommendation is another signal that something even more insidious is afoot. Secular culture continues to find more perverse ways to objectify women, all while calling it empowerment. We are supposed to believe that 50 Shades of Grey and female performers gyrating on stage are good things for feminism. These cultural movements are coupled to recommendations from the medical communities legitimizing sexual activity among the young and unmarried. Pope Francis says that Satan presents things as though they are good, but his intention is destruction.

The age of majority as necessary for consent is being forcefully brought to its terminus, and this new recommendation is more dredge along the way. Younger and younger objects are demanded to sate cultural appetites. The only thing made safer by these new recommendations is how much safer (easier, with fewer external consequences) it will be to objectify and prey on the young.

Another Reason to Homeschool:

From the Pacific Justice Institute (one of the purported “Hate Groups” identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center) comes this Press Release regarding the month of October, commemorated as “LGBT History Month” and a warning to parents about what may be taught in schools:

The organizers of LGBT History Month annually select 31 “icons” of LGBT history that they urge schools and students to learn about and celebrate, one for each day in October.  The list is posted at [NOPE, not linking there]…..

Perhaps most concerning to parents this year will be the inclusion of CeCe McDonald, who was released from prison earlier this year after serving time in the killing of a man who had insulted her.  CeCe was charged with second-degree murder and accepted a plea of second degree manslaughter after fatally stabbing the man with scissors.  CeCe is presented in LGBT History Month as a “prison reformer” who brought attention to the plight of transgender inmates.

Works by several of the other individuals included on this year’s list would not otherwise be allowed in schools, or most homes.  For example, a music video of “icon” John Cameron Mitchell has been deemed too explicit to be shown on MTV Europe.  Comedienne “icon” Margaret Cho’s routines are replete with vulgarity not permitted in school.  And kids who want to learn more about “icon” Natalie Barney will read that she decried fidelity and instead advocated for adultery.

Last year, the number of school districts officially celebrating LGBT History Month grew to include Los Angeles, Fresno, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and two counties in Florida.  In most districsts around the country, LGBT History Month is promoted with posters and other materials by the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) student clubs, and by individual teachers, without advance notice to parents.  In 2011, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie suggested that a teacher should be fired for criticizing LGBT History Month on her personal Facebook page.

Whatever “good” they’ve done for the LGBT movement and regardless of sexual orientation, the idea that killers, potty-mouths, and advocates of marital infidelity are being elevated as “icons” or heroes for students to learn about in school is repugnant, and sad.

Some Honesty regarding the new Archbishop of Chicago

Ok, breathe. Recall that St. Pope John Paul the Great gave red hats to Mahony and Law. Episcopal appointments are not infallible.

cupichBishop Blase Cupich (Diocese of Spokane, Washington) will become the next Archbishop of Chicago in November.

The Archdiocese is very near and dear to my heart — it is our “home diocese”; we were received into the Church by Francis Cardinal George at the Easter Vigil in 2000.

As a body composed of 1.2 billion living members, we pray and work under a really big tent. For the most part, I believe that it is our own fallen nature (and those little cutting whispers in our ears) that causes us to tear down others in our tent who we think are “doing it wrong”.

We can (and should) agree that there are multiple ways to do the same thing, and subsidiarity suggests that the Church empowers us to look at our individual circumstances and act prudently.

But some things are non-negotiable. The acceptance of abortion by human society is a murderous famine, and failing to defend the rights and dignity of the unborn is unacceptable Catholic practice. That’s not my opinion, but rather directly from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

The acceptance by human society of murderous famines, without efforts to remedy them, is a scandalous injustice and a grave offense. Those whose usurious and avaricious dealings lead to the hunger and death of their brethren in the human family indirectly commit homicide, which is imputable to them. (para. 2269).


Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception: abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes. (para. 2272).


Since it must be treated from conception as a person, the embryo must be defended in its integrity, cared for, and healed, as far as possible, like any other human being(para. 2274).

So, how does this relate to Chicago’s new Archbishop? Visit Shea’s blog and search “Cupich” (and there are other sources of the same information). In Spokane, His Excellency essentially put a stop to official diocesan participation in sidewalk vigils, 40 Days for Life, etc. He made it clear he did not wish to see his priests or seminarians at such things. The question was raised at his initial conference with the Chicago press last Saturday (beginning around 13:15):

Why is His Excellency so upset?!? Without a doubt, Jesus Christ stands outside the abortion clinics to pray too. A “seamless garment” approach can work so long as it does not treat opposition to abortion as one of the “seams”.

Your Excellency, you told us that you want to be a Pastor to the good people of Chicagoland, I earnestly ask you: will you please be a Pastor to the unborn too? Heaven cries out for justice and the little ones need YOU.

The Age of Euphemism Victimizes the word “Responsible”…..

…..and the Antithesis of Manhood claims a new exemplar, demonstrating why Western society is in total decay.

Dr. David Bell is from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and is the lead author of a research study recently printed in the “journal” Contraception. He is also the medical director for the Young Men’s Clinic, part of New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Family Planning Clinic.

He states in the article linked above that a “responsible” male sexual partner is one who buys “emergency contraception for their partner” if (or when) “the condom breaks.”

But Dr. Bell complains that even though “Plan B” — the “morning-after pill” — is available for purchase by “any person of any age… without a prescription at U.S. drugstores,” sometimes “men” aren’t permitted to buy it when they go to the pharmacy alone. Sometimes the pharmacy requires a “man” to “bring either a female or her ID with him” before the pharmacy will sell Plan B.

“People should make sure they aren’t putting up additional barriers that prevent men from taking a responsible role within the relationship, Bell said.”

Because, there’s nothing more responsible than paying for the means to kill your own offspring, right?

To test out Dr. Bell’s claims, Reuters sent out young male “mystery shoppers” throughout New York City to see if they could score some Plan B without a female (or her ID) on hand, and were successful at 128 of 158 pharmacies visited. This is important:

Most of the people working at the pharmacies did give the mystery shoppers accurate information about the medication’s effectiveness. One worker incorrectly told a shopper that the medication would cause an abortion.

More euphemism. The claim that Plan B does not “cause” an abortion is premised upon selective definition. Plan B works by preventing implantation of a fertilized embryo (i.e., unborn baby; individual member of the human race) in the uterus. Since abortion involves the removal of an embryo (or fetus) already implanted, it is a technical distinction to claim that Plan B does not cause an “abortion”. All the same, it extinguishes a newly-formed human life. It’s an unborn baby killer.

So, instead of stating that Plan B causes an abortion, it would be more correct to simply state: “This will kill your unborn baby.”

I’m getting tired of the Age of Euphemism highjacking all the words in the dictionary. It is not remotely responsible to aid and abet your casual sexual partner in the termination of your own offspring; it is a shameful perversion of the beauty of human relationships.

If this is “Public Health”, I want know what Public Sickness looks like. Wait, no I don’t.

[Didja know?] “Sister” and “Nun”…..

….. are not synonymous terms. Chances are, regardless of the type of habit that she wears, if you see her out and about, if you are interacting with her (outside of a monastery), then she is a “Sister” (i.e., consecrated woman religious). Which makes “Nuns on the Bus” — however catchy that sounds — just a bit more euphemistic. If that particular group of women religious were indeed “Nuns”, then they (in all likelihood) would not be aboard such a bus to promote the ACA, or female ordination, or whatever.

Thank you for the Prayers…..

My wife and I were privileged to greet our new godson last week, who, despite being born “full term”, is rather small. Despite his smallness, he’s a rather handsome guy! He received the Sacrament of Baptism on Sunday, and throughout the liturgy he was serene and observant.

Possibly it can all be attributed to an overly cautious pediatrician, but between his smallness and a couple of other indicators, he and Mom remained at the hospital a little longer than usual, and a full battery of blood tests were ordered to determine if he has any chromosomal or developmental abnormalities.

So far, the news is hopeful that he is normal, and just on the small side. All of the test results haven’t turned up anything yet. Given his father’s propensity for enjoying good food (shared by older brother, 2 years old), I imagine that this little guy is already on his way to bulking up.

I think Mom and Dad are still waiting to hear back from the doctor regarding a few more tests, so if you could please continue to pray for him and the whole family, I would be grateful. They are all very dear people to us.

Concerning Apostolic Authority and Demonic Possession

It’s a very telling sign of the times that in the past year, Satanists are now openly conducting “black masses”. First was the one a few months ago in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and this Saturday there is one scheduled in a civic auditorium in Oklahoma City, where a consecrated host was to be used until the Archbishop filed a lawsuit against the Satanic church to recover it.

A black mass is an “inversion” of the Catholic mass. It should be somewhat shocking to us that some Satanists have more faith in the Real Presence than Catholics do; a black mass isn’t truly one without a consecrated host. The demons who surround these Satanists know what they are doing and they know who and what they attack by what they do.

This should tell us something about Catholicism. When Satan or one of his minions attempts to mock Christ, their primary action is not to take the Bible and stomp on it. They don’t steal water from the Baptist church and pee in it. They don’t abscond with tracts from the Jehovah’s Witnesses and deface them. They don’t sneak into Mormon temples and make off with their special garments for use in Satanic rituals.

Satanists steal the Eucharist, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, which they desecrate in a variety of ways during their “black mass”. 

Satan, his demons, and those people he imprisons to serve him on earth know that the Church has the authority to send evil back to Hell. Satan and his demons must respect the Church’s authority, because her authority comes from Jesus himself.

14785140495_f9104640ed_oIn Matthew 16:19, Jesus gives authority over his Church to St. Peter, the first pope: “Whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Jesus gives the power to all the apostles at 18:18: “Amen, I say to you, whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

Jesus “cast out the spirits with his word, and he healed all that were sick” (Matthew 8:16). Sometimes Jesus exorcised from a distance (Matthew 15:22; Mark 7:25). Sometimes the demons recognized Him as “the Holy One of God” (Mark 1:24). He gave the Apostles the authority to cast out demons in His name. (Matthew 10:1 and 8; Mark 6:7; Luke 9:1; 10:17).

Consider this article concerning Tulsa exorcist Monsignor Patrick Brankin, who was appointed the exorcist for the Diocese of Tulsa about four years ago. Before he was appointed, he was asked to investigate a case because the diocese “was unable to find an exorcist to handle it”. Msgr. Brankin went to visit the afflicted person “even though he had not yet been appointed as an exorcist.” On the first visit:

He found the person crouched in a corner of a room.

Brankin said the demon in the person immediately recognized him as a priest, without looking at him, and pronounced smugly that it knew Brankin had not been given the authority to exorcise it.

That scared me,” Brankin said. [I'll bet it did. Imagine sharing a room with a powerful, unknown malevolence that knows there's nothing you can do.]

Months later, after undergoing exorcism training in Rome, working with an experienced exorcist, and being “given faculties” (commissioned) as an exorcist, Brankin returned. This time, he said, the demon said it knew he had been given faculties and feared him.

The victim was successfully exorcised and is living a healthy Christian life, Brankin said.

Demons don’t fear priests on their own; but a priest who acts under the authority of his bishop — a successor of the Apostles — is to be feared, because it is the same authority that Jesus gave and it can send a demon straight back to Hell.

If Authority granted by Jesus to the Church compels obedience by demons and Satan himself, what can we say when tasked with obedience to the Church ourselves? Shall we dissent? Shall it be the same “Non serviam” uttered by Lucifer?

In contrast to angels and demons (i.e., fallen angels), we humans are capable of disobeying God and the authority granted His Church, because God gives us that freedom. But He gives us freedom so that we might “choose the good”; He will hold us accountable for how we use the freedom He gives.